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“The Artifact is currently hidden in an ancient fortress near Antwerp. At 29/11 you have the opportunity to unlock it & reveal the truth behind.”

We invite 400 geeks, crazy snazzy engineers & coding masterminds to join our forces, battle for the famous HTF-winner-trophy & hack the skin out of this mysterious artifact”.

Hacker Day

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Discover the IT challenges

IT Decathlon
IoT & AI
Big Data


Our team of engineers are enabling a research group, tasked with decoding the signal emitted by the artifact. Until now we've discovered a pattern which might resemble sentences. With your help we'll build the researchers a nice dashboard on which they'll be able to correspond the unknown signals with words known to men.

You are the ideal help, to the research group, if you've already tried developing a browser based Javascript application using html/css/javascript or other related browser technologies.

Prior knowledge: HTML/CSS/Javascript

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With the discovery of the artifact, our highly trained researchers found some mind breaking challenges while activating the artifact.

It presented us with a handful of challenges to solve. Mind breaking signal decoding, some though pattern recognition and this is just the top layer. Each layer will harness new challenges. Will you be the one discovering what’s in the artifact? We can’t do it alone and that is why we need you! Is C# your thing and you know your way around ASP.NET preferably .NET CORE? Then you are ready for the challenge! You’ll be creating a web application that communicates with the artifact and shows your progress. Knowing any javascript framework is a plus but not necessary because time will be short.

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Our team of researchers was able to translate the first layer of the Artifact! A disturbing message has been retrieved: EXTINCTION.

You have been chosen to unravel the Artifact and use your analytical skills to solve this mystery. You will lead our team to define a defence strategy from the data found, but we need to hurry, something big is coming… Technology: MicroStrategy

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Our scientists were able to set up a connection with the artifact and had hoped to be able to unlock it this way. Sadly our efforts have not led to actual results. We have however noticed additional data bursts we have not been able to capture.

Can you assist in unraveling the mysteries of this artifact by analysing the stream of data without shutting it down?

Prior knowledge: Java with all of it’s communication possibilities (rest, soap, socket…). Deployment of applications. Use of frameworks.

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Through the history 'the Artefact' was in the hands of malicious organisations who used its power to control and change the destiny of mankind, which led to the demise of these ancient civilisations. Now 'the Artefact’ reemerges and TheLedger needs your help to protect humanity from its mind controlling influence. With the help of blockchain technology you’ll claim the powers of 'the Artefact' for yourself, but be aware of its corruption. Use smart contracts to share its power with others and keep your sanity.

Finally you’ll need to create a Dao to protect and harness the power of 'the Artefact’. Compete with others because in the end …. One Dao will rule them all.

Technologies: Ethereum, solidity, front- and backend skills

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A team has been put together to infiltrate the area at night and to document the findings of the artifact. For this we will need to develop a secure application which can help us get the required information. There is a high risk of our agents being caught and we can not afford our data being compromised. We will have to take the right security measurements. Also we will need to find a way to deal with the dead spot in the area. As the authorities have disabled all radiocommunications, we will need to make sure all data is synced to our servers as soon as a connection can be made.

Technologies: Android development, iOS development, react native, react, angular, Cordova.

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Soon after the discovery of the artifact several days ago, our experts began detecting sporadic, unintelligible signals, transmitted planet-wide, seemingly originating from within the object itself.

Local scientists have put forward several theories on the nature of the signals, though there is no definitive answer as of yet. It could be some sort of intergalactic communication device, or possibly a location beacon of some sort, potentially gathering information about our civilization and technological capabilities. And so we turn to you, our masterful hackers, to apply IoT, advanced machine learning and other state-of-the-art technologies to localize and decrypt all the artifact’s signals. The world as we know it may be at an end. Every minute counts.

Technologies: IoT (Python), Machine Learning, UI5 (JavaScript)

Prior Knowledge: A little bit of Javascript and lots of interest in SAP technology

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Minds immeasurably superior to ours have always regarded this Earth with envious eyes. It is believed that millions of years ago, an artifact was stored on earth for safekeeping. Only to be discovered by a lone adventurer a few days ago. Since our current experts are unable to fully understand this artifact, we are looking towards the next generation of IT experts to unravel its mysteries. Can you unlock the secrets within?

Prior knowledge: Creative Thinking, Reverse Engineering, Forensic Analysis, Python/C/Shell, UFM6IFdlIGxvb2sgZm9yd2FyZCB0byBtZWV0aW5nIHlvdSE=

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IT Decathlon

The artifact will only reveal it’s content to those deemed worthy. You prove yourself by solving puzzles which are sent to your server over HTTP. Who knew that this standard was so universal ;-). During the challenges many aspects of backend software development are tested as well as your logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Prior knowledge:
• able to set up a web server that communicates via json over HTTP in the language of your choice
• great logical thinking skill - you must be a puzzler
• eager to learn: you will know some things, others you have to be able to pick up quickly by searching the internet

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IoT & AI

Help Craftworkz decipher the mysterious artefact using state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms. But you have to hurry, time is limited and the competition is though! Are you up for the challenge?

Technologies: Google AutoML Vision, Tensorflow (Transfer learning), back-end, front-end

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Big Data

A huge amount of data is stored in the Artifact, ready to be explored. What secrets are hidden? What treasures can be discovered?
The challenge consists of migrating the data from the Artifact, process and analyze the data in order to find the hidden secret that could change the destiny of human mankind.

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS): EC2, S3, EMR, Lambda, Kinesis, Redshift, QuickSight, …

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Take the concept of treasure hunts to new heights!

Challenge other people to follow your instructions and guide them to unlock the artifact themselves. Using Angular and Google API ‘s for geocoding and POIs, you will make a navigation application with a high gamification factor. Users can unlock special features or win prizes by visiting a certain amount of POIs. An art lover who visits five historical buildings to unlock a ticket for a theatre show, a student who needs to attend five different classrooms to get a free drink, ... Make up your own story and rules for the perfect treasure hunt application!

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Tech & Business

It is not yet clear what the artifact encompasses, although we do have some leads we can pursue. It seems to be having an impact on our connectivity, and we notice some strange network behaviour. Our own infrastructure is giving signs of advanced intelligence, and it looks as if it is trying to tell us something. We might be onto something here….

Can you and your team assist us in finding out what this is all about? We would like to use the artifact - if possible - to help us in creating infrastructure innovative solutions… So, the question is: are you ready to take on the infrastructure entrepreneurial challenge?

Prior knowledge: Entrepreneurship, infrastructure & data center basics (networking, security, storage…), marketing, innovation thinking.

By the way, if you win the Tech & Business challenge, you can also win something extra! Did you know the Vibe Awards?

You have an exciting idea and want to start your own company without the typical financial burdens? Then try to win your golden ticket to the Vibe Awards, the award for entrepreneurial IT talent, where the best pitches win their own company! More information: vibeawards.be Let us inspire you during several workshops given by professionals. We will educate you in all skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Along the way we craft a business plan which you will be able to pitch to a jury at the end of the course.

The best pitches win their own company!

For more information see vibeawards.be.

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Hack The Future could not be possible without all the companies that are creating crazy challenges for you! We look forward to receive them during the event:

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